R & D Center Profile

   Shandong XIAN-PU-AI-RUI Science & Technology Co.,Ltd’s R&D center including biological products R&D, chemical R&D, basic pathology and pharmacology basic research and other R&D departments, with fermentation technology research laboratory, chemical synthesis research laboratory, chemical preparation research room, micro-ecological bacteria preservation room, molecular cell preservation room and molecular biology research room,and other applied research and basic research departments, has the first-class research and development equipment and scientific research personnel.
   Extensively absorb international and domestic high level scientific research results, and make regular academic exchanges with experts in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany every year.At the same time, and actively carry out cooperation with the Yale University, China Agricultural University, Nanjing Agricultural University and other domestic famous universities.A doctoral workstation has been established in Guangzhou Science City, and many high-tech achievements have been achieved in the field of chemical drugs and biological products.
   In the field of chemical medicine research, it mainly focuses on the research and application of new technologies such as new chemical drug synthesis, drug inclusion technology, solid dispersion technology, targeted drug delivery technology and drug absorption promotion technology. New products developed have achieved significant results in clinical applications.
   In the field of biological products, we are mainly engaged in the research and application of cutting-edge technologies such as biological protien polypepide, biological active factors,  biological active polysaccharides, detoxifying enzymes, tea tree oil and oregano oil and other Chinese herbal medicines and microecological products. A number of new technologies achievements have been achieved in industrial transformation, and achieved significant social benefits.