45%,80% Tiamulin Soluble Powder (Solid dispersion or Microcapsule type )

Good stability;nice solubility and Dissolution’s speed is better;absorb well and highplasma concentration

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 45%,80% Tiamulin Soluble Powder(Solid dispersion or Microcapsule type )


   1. Good palatability

     basically do not affect drinking water and feed intake

    2.Fast dissolution


     1.Tiamulin(Solid dispersion or Microcapsule type)     2. Tiamulin(Import)  3.Tiamulin(raw material)

3.High plasma concentration,high bioavailability


   1.Tiamulin(Solid dispersion or Microcapsule type)     2. Tiamulin(Import)  3.Tiamulin(raw material)


   This product is white or white crystalline powder,odourless,tasteless, to be used chicken chronic respiratory disease,

   swine hemophilus pleura pneumonia and mycoplasma pneumonia, be used for the pig diarrhea cause by treponema.

   As the pig feed additive drugs can promote weight gain.


   Dosage and Usage:

   Mixed drinking water each liter


   Swine 45---60g use for 5 days continuously

   Chicken 125---250g use for 3 days continuously

   Mixed feeding each 1000kg feed


   Swine 40---100g use for 5-10 days continuously






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