20% Tilmicosin Premix (enteric-coated)

Slow-released precess to prolong the efficacy;Mask bitterness do not affect ingestion;Avoid acid damage,improving bioavailability;Highplasma concentration

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 20% Tilmicosin Premix (enteric-coated)


    (1) Slow-released precess,disintergrate pellets slowly to prolong the efficacy.

    (2) Enteric coating pellets can mask bitterness,mixed feeding do not affect ingeation.

    (3) Pellets disintegrate in intestine,can avoid acid damage,improving bioavailability.

    (4) Drug has strong penetration,with high concentration in lung tissue and breast.

    (5) Pellets have the efficacy of enriching porcine alveolar macrophages,resisting procine reproductive and respiratory



     Applicable to treatment of porcine contagious pleuropneumonia, haemophilus disease, swine streptococcosis,

     staphylococosis, erysipelas, swine pasteurellosis and mycoplasmal pneumonia of swine (mycoplasma pneumonia), etc..


    Dosage and Usage:

    Prevention: 500g/1 ton feed ,and continue 7-14d.

    Treatment: 1kg /1 ton feed ,and continue 7d,then cut half in the following week.





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