Biological products

Feed additive-Detoxa-plus(enzyme)(Li Jin You)

Approved Number:Lu feed additive No.(2017)095013
Protect livers and increase immune performance;Promote growth,release growth inhibition;Increase body weight,lower FCR;Improve the carcass’s quality.

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   Products Information: 

  Why add the mycotoxin absrobent in the feed,while the  mycotoxins also can be detected

   in the animal’s  liver/meat,animal also can occur symptoms of mycotoxins or growth inhibition?

  How to help the liver to decompose the non-nutritive substances(such as medicine,toxic,

  harmful metabolite  in vivo)?

 How to improve nutrient’s utilization in feed,reach the expected production performance?


  Liver is the largest organ that has a function of detoxifying and metabolism,all of two function

  require enzyme participate,it is very important to confirm one protein enzyme that can promote

  liver’s detoxifying and metabolism.



I.Confirm enzyme protein (Cytochrome-P450)




II. Strains Building



III.Production process 


     Through cooperating with research and development institution that  specialize in Microorganism

     ,Molecular Biology of the Cell,we research new green feed additive-detoxifying and metabolism

      enzyme(Li Jin You-Cytochrome-P450).


  ● Products function:

     1. Participate in all biochemical reaction of  liver detoxifying,promote the liver  decompose a

      variety of mycotoxins,drugs and toxic metabolites;

     2. Enhance immunity of organism,enhance liver’s  ability of nutrition’s metabolism,significantly

      improve growth rate,increase average slaughter weight,Lower FCR;  

      3. Decompose the mycotoxins accumulation in liver and kidney in Vivo,the immune suppressing

      effect disappears,Lower occurrence of gastro-intestinal and pulmonary diseases;

     4. Increase the amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids’ assay in meat,improve carcass quality.


  ● Usage and dosage

      Pig: Mix feed ,300-500g/ton feed ;

     Chicken:Mix feed ,300-500g/ton feed .

    This product should be stored  in a cool,dry,ventilated warehouse.


   ● Packing:1kg/bag.

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