Biological products

Antibacterial Drug(Small Peptide)(Yi Bo You)

have a stronger effect on gram-negative bacteria,especially the enterobacteriaceae such as e. coli, salmonella

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Antibacterial Drug(Small Peptide)-Yi Bo You 

   Our company research new biological product(Yi Bo You) through the technology of Molecular genetic recombination,and this product do not have any withdrawal time,can use its freely. 

1.     Product character:white-slight yellow powder,odourless,easier to soluble in water,methyl alcohol,difficult to soluble in ethyl alcohol,do not soluble in diethyl ether.Oral completely absorbed.



2.     Mechanism of action:This product act on Bacteria PBPS and PBP1 protein,Inhibition of cell wall stick peptide synthetase,Blocking the cell walls of peptide synthesis,make bacterial cell wall defect, bacteria expansion cracking.At the same time,trigger a bacteria autolytic enzyme activity.Small toxicity for mammals.This product has a strong affinity of PBPs and PBP1 protein , also has the strong ability of penetrate bacteria wall, so it is one broad-spectrum antibacterial products.



3.     Function: suitable for respiratory infections, intestinal and urinary tract.Especially for treating e. coli infections (including ampicillin resistant strains),infection of klebsiella pneumoniae/enterobacter,the effect is good.


  (1)This product have a stronger effect on gram-negative bacteria,especially the enterobacteriaceae such as e. coli, salmonell have a good antibacterial effect;

  (2)This product have synergistic antibacterial effect together with penicillin, cephalosporin and amoxicillin;

  (3)this product has obviously better effect treatment of bronchitis than amoxicilin;



4.     Dynamics:Oral absorption completely, bioavailability 75-80%,is stable of gastric acid.after oral,will be absorbed in  the gastrointestinal tract;Widely distributed in the body, in the liver, kidney, lung,gallbladder have a higher concentration; 1 hour can get blood medicine’s peak concentration;oral the product after 6 hours, 45-50% of the intake will be excreted thorugh urine.At the same time,Oral probenecid also can increase this product’s blood drug concentration.



5.     Drug toxicology:This product has a high efficacy, non-toxic side effects,do not inhibit hematopoietic function, and also do not have any effect on liver, kidney;

   Trial use dosage:≥600 mg/kg.



6.     Usage and dosage:Calculated on this product.Mix with drinking water,1g/3-4 liter drinking water,centralized supply at one time,successive for 4-6 days;If the clinical disease is heavier, advice increase 30% dosage to use;



7.     Storage:Store in a cool and dry place.



8.     Note:If the product soluble in water,please use up its within 3 hour.This product do not affect by food in the gastrointestinal tract absorption , should be taken after feeding.


9.     Product interaction:


        (1)Sulfa, chloramphenicol, tetracycline class, can interfere with the activity of this product, so this product should not be used with these drugs;

        (2)This product  has a campatibility taboo with heavy metals (copper, zinc, mercury).





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