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Antiviral Drug(exopolysaccharide)(Yi Kang Bao)

Treating Broiler’s respiratory syndrome

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 Antiviral Drug(exopolysaccharide)--Yi Kang Bao




Product Introduction

    Bacillus subtilis can produce a kind of natural macromolecule polymer - extracellular polysaccharide by using the carbon source in the growth medium during the fermentation process. After a large number of experiments, it has been found that the polysaccharide has a good antiviral effect.The company will purify the extracellular polysaccharide,and with the host Bacillus subtilis organic combination, complementary advantages of this product.

   The polysaccharide can effectively prevent the virus from entering the cell, block the self replication of the virus,modify the genetic of the virus, and inactivate the virus.This product activates the natural immune Toll like receptor pathway,inducing the body's innate immunity, enhancing the activity of macrophages and dendritic cells,increasing the efficiency of immune presentation and the level of antibody secretion.

   Therefore,this product can be used alone to prevent viral infection, or combined with inactivated vaccine to improve the efficacy of inactivated vaccine.



    Appearance of orange yellow powder, easy to absorb moisture, stored in a cool dry place. This product is soluble in water, soluble in methanol, insoluble in ethanol.


Mechanism of action

   This product is a slow-binding way, combined with the virus to prevent or interfere with viral replication.Compared with amantadine,the product’s antiviral activity is 100 times stronger;compared with ribavirin, the product’s antiviral activity is400 times stronger. Significantly reduce the experimental animal lung virus titer.

    This product activates natural immune Toll like receptors (TLR-3, 4, 7, 8) pathway, inducing the body to produce natural immunity, anti-inflammatory and antiviral.At the same time, in terms of acquired immunity, this product can induce a variety of cytokines (INF- and TNF- alpha), interleukin (IL-1 alpha, IL-1 beta, IL-6, IL-8, IL-10), colony stimulating factor (C-CSF, GM-CSF) and chemokine (MCP-1 alpha, MCP-1 beta) etc.. A wide range of the body to promote anti viral immune regulation, to achieve good anti-inflammatory, antiviral, immune regulatory effect.



   Oral administration, intranasal administration, injection administration are completely absorbed, bioavailability75-87%.For gastric acid,it is stability,One half hour can reach  plasma concentration peak, the elimination half-life is 3 hour, more than in the original form via urine.


Efficacy and toxicity

   This product is high efficacy, non-toxic side effects, does not inhibit hematopoietic function, and it has no effect of liver and kidney function.

   Clinical use dose ≥ 1700mg / kg.



   Suitable for viral respiratory tract, intestinal infection.For influenza and parainfluenza virus infection, Newcastle disease, avian adenovirus infection, also have a good effect.


Usage and Dosage

  Mixed with water, calculated on this product,1g/2 liter drinking water,

  Recommendation: 1.This product is a long-term antiviral products, for example use this product to prevent,at the beginning of age of 18 days to use ,and every five days use one time,Concentrated supply at one time. And if the outbreak of the disease, it is recommended to use two times at every five days.

  2.This product is antiviral drug,but when the viral disease outbreak,also have bacterial disease,so we use this product to treat viral disease,also require to use antibacterial drug to prevent or treat,the effect is more better.



  Store in cool and dry place.


Use Taboo

  1.Clinical trials to verify the use of inactivated vaccine before using this product, can improve the immune effect of inactivated vaccine

  2. This product is antiviral product,it is strictly prohibited to use this product when use live vaccine before 72 hours and after 72 hours.

  3. When this product soluble in water,please drink its off within 3 hours.


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