Biological products

Protimax(Antibacterial peptide)

Enhance animal’s immunity,Increase daily weight gain,lower FCR,improve meat quality.

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   Protimax(Antibacterial peptide)

(Protein active peptides + Bacillus subtilis)

   Traditional antibiotics by inhibiting the synthesis of bacterial cell walls,protein, nucleic acid achieve bactericidal action, frequent use can lead to bacterial resistance to enhance, damage animal intestinal micro ecology, to reduce the immune ability,My company's active polypeptide protein cloned resistant gram-positive bacteria and gram-negative bacteria antibacterial genes, composed of many multiple amino acid residues peptide chain, has a complex spatial structure, mainly through charges attract each other between the role, directly inserted into the bacterial cell, make its fracture and sterilization, there will be no resistance strain, not only for gram-negative bacteria such as e. coli, salmonella have direct killing effect, but also for gram positive bacteria such as clostridium westergren, staphylococcus effect is remarkable, very broad antibacterial spectrum and powerful.

  Reported at home and abroad about more than 2000 kinds of antibacterial peptides have been identified, isolated, with natural antibacterial peptide as a template synthetic simulation peptide has reached thousands of species, but due to various reasons such as the production cost and species diversity, can be applied to real breeding a handful of clinical use.Most common antibacterial peptide on the market by escherichia coli, pichia, lactic acid bacteria and actinomycetes strains fermentation, due to the r&d and production of peptide products species have different antibacterial activity or the low level of production, antibacterial effect is low or clinical effect is not obvious, basic can not been found by experimental verification on the resistance of e. coli can produce antibacterial effect, in addition to reduce costs is to use more insoluble carrier production, or in the process of mixing materials used for breeding objects when individual difference, low intake of reasons led to the use the effect is not obvious.Our company through a long time and a large number of experiments, now can successfully used bacillus subtilis scale production of protein active peptide.The product has high antibacterial activity, and all production materials used use soluble in water.Through the clinical use of drinking water, not only can control the crowd in a relatively short period of time has finished, avoid product contamination loss, but also to ensure that the chickens directly through the water get the protein active peptides, clinical effect is remarkable.


Product advantages:

Significant inhibition zone---This product has obvious bacteriostatic effect on pathogenic bacteria, especially for resistant E. coli ffect is remarkable, through plate bacteriostatic experiment in the lab, this product can see the protein polypeptide of bacteriostatic zone clearly on resistant E. coli, and the part clinical commonly used antibiotics, no obvious bacteriostatic zone, comparing the same type experiments at the same time, basic not found obvious bacteriostatic zone effect on resistant E. Coli.



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2.Sterile water control

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Wide antimicrobial spectrum---This product has cloned resistant gram-positive bacteria and gram-negative bacteria two antibacterial genes, not only for gram-negative bacteria such as e. coli, salmonella have direct killing effect, but also for gram positive bacteria such as clostridium westergren, staphylococcus effect is remarkable.

Strong antibacterial effect---The product of the antibacterial effect of Staphylococcus aureus is five times than enramycin, and for Clostridium perfringens inhibitory capacity of at least 10 times in enramycin, especially for E. coli resistance to a more good inhibition.

Resistant to digestion---At present a lot of similar products have antibacterial effect in vitro and clinical application effect is often not obvious, but the main reason is the failure to solve the problem of resistance to digestion, our company's protein polypeptide gene through modification,in gastric juice and intestinal alkaline environment is stable, won't be destroyed by digestive enzymes,so guarantee the stability of the protein polypeptide effect in the body.

●Good solubility---This product adopts soluble materials in the production process, therefore easy to dissolve in water,it can be used directly drinking water, process takes short time, will not result in a lower protein activity.

●Fast acting---Activity of protein peptide molecular weight is small,it can be absorbed directly into the stomach, when the body has been violated, then can play a role in a short period of time.



Mainly suitable for Gram-negative bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella, Gram-positive bacteria such as Clostridium perfringens, Staphylococcus aureus,ect infections.


Usage and Dosage:

1.Egg poultry:Mix feed,150-250g/ton

Meat poultry:Mix feed

early: 200-400g/ton,

Middle to late:200g/ton

2.Piglet creep feed:300-500g/ton,mix feed;

Weanling pig:200-300g/ton,mix feed.

3.Freshwater Fishes:200g-300g/ton,mix feed;

Marine fish、crustacean rearing stage:300-500g/ton,mix feed;

Special aquatic:300-500g/ton,mix feed;



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